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Piel de Sapo Melon

The latest melon I’ve tried is called a Piel de Sapo.  It looks kind of like an egg-shaped watermelon, but it’s smaller than a watermelon and closer to a honeydew in size.  I had no idea if it was ripe, so I just trusted the store to put out ripe ones ready to eat.

I sliced it open and the color was white with a bit of greenish tinge near the rind.  From the looks of the seed area it looked to be a bit overripe.  The taste was fine though, it was perfectly ripe for eating.  Because it was so fleshy I could use the larger sized melon baller and the job went by quickly.  The melon balls came out smooth and round.  It’s similar in color and texture to a lot of the other new melons I’ve been trying, but the taste of this one was really good, almost as good as the Galia melon.

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Magenta Melon

Magenta Melon

I picked up a Magenta melon the other day from my local Kroger.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture before I cut it, but it resembles a larger cantaloupe with some longitudinal stripes.  From the name I expected to see bright reddish-pink fruit on the inside, but I was disappointed to find it was only a slightly richer orange color than normal cantaloupe.  The flavor also differed very little from cantaloupe; I don’t think I’d be able to tell them apart in a blind taste test.

It was very hard to tell that the melon was ripe.  This one, unlike the some of the other melons, does not seem to give off an odor when ripe.  There weren’t any visible signs of ripeness either.

I will say that in a fruit salad, this would be slightly more colorful than a regular cantaloupe, and it’s certainly a fleshier fruit being bigger, so you’ll get a lot of nice, round melon balls out of it.  But compared to the Galia melon which I tried last week, this one wasn’t nearly as tasty or pretty.

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The Galia Melon

Kroger is amazing me with their produce section lately.  First the Sprite melon, next the Galia, and I did see a bunch of other new melons there too that I’ve never heard of before.  I have to add a new category for just reviewing melons.  Now if only they could get some fresh mangosteen, and hire a decent cheesemonger…

I bought this melon without doing any prior research, it just looked like a cantaloupe so I figured it would probably be similar.  I bought it yesterday and noticed it was filling my whole kitchen with fresh ripe melon smell today, so I figured I should prepare it before it went bad.  Imagine my surprise when I sliced in and saw a deep green tone, merging into white, merging into orange!  What a strange looking melon, it looks almost like an under-ripe cantaloupe with a huge rind area.  But this one was ripe all right, just from taking out the seeds it was oozing with juice.

I got out the melon baller and started working away at it.  The melon balls came out really nice and round, with a beautiful mix of color in them.  This fruit would look gorgeous in a fruit salad or fruit tray.

Then I tasted it.  Oh my god, the Sprite melon has nothing on this one!  Not only is it sweet and soft and smooth, but it’s got a really unique tartness that I’ve never tasted in a melon before.  This is some fantastic fruit!

The only downside is it seems to “melt” really quickly if stored in the fridge.  I would recommend if serving it, to only prepare it the same day, within a few hours of displaying to people.  Otherwise it starts to get a strange translucent tone and loses its tartness.

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I was at my local Kroger yesterday and I spotted this strange new fruit, about the size of a mango.  It was labeled as a “Sprit Fruit” with an E scribbled in. Most of the pile was white but a few were starting to yellow.  I had no idea which were ripe or not, whether they were supposed to be yellow when ripe or if it meant they went bad.  Canteloupe are easy to tell when they’re ripe because of the smell, but I couldn’t make out any kind of smell from these.  So finally I just picked one that was half white, half yellow, thinking at least one side had to be good to eat.

When I got home I washed the outside really well and sliced it in half.  It was very soft and easy to cut.  I think this particular fruit may have been extremely ripe (but not in a bad way) because it was so juicy.  I spooned out all the seeds (there were a lot).  I got out my melon baller and started with the small end.  Even with the smaller side, I was still hitting the rind every time I tried to ball out the melon.  There didn’t appear to be any inedible part between the rind and the rest of the fruit, it was all uniform in color and texture.

I gave up with the baller after a while and just spooned out the rest.  By the time I was done there was juice everywhere, it was a very juicy melon.  The texture of it was much like honeydew or canteloupe, not as crisp as watermelon.  It had a very smooth texture.  It seemed very sweet, but I don’t know if blindfolded I would be able to tell the difference between this and a honeydew. I also tried to eat a bit of the rind since I had cleaned it, just to see what it was like.  It was very tough, like a mango rind, but still edible.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to eat it though.

I did some research on the Sprite Melon and supposedly it came from Japan, and recently started being farmed in North Carolina.  I can see why it’d be popular in Japan, since they like their food in small portions, and it tends to look cleaner than most other melons.  But for most practical purposes I think I would stick with a honeydew melon.  At least if you’re making a fruit salad or fruit tray, a honeydew would add some color.

Some sites suggested the Sprite melon has a flavor like a pear, and a crisp texture like an apple, but I didn’t experience that with my melon.  It was just very much like honeydew.  Perhaps mine was overripe.  I think I’ll try one that’s all white next time at Kroger and see if I still have the same experience.

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